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10+ Helpful Crochet and Knitting Tips

Fiber arts are truly a game of trial and error. For many of us with years of experience, we've been through the rough patches and come out the other end with wisdom. And with those shared experiences, I believe this blog post can aid in your knitting and crochet lifestyle and make it more comfortable for yourselves.  On the surface, knitting and crochet can seem pretty straight ... Read More about 10+ Helpful Crochet and Knitting Tips

Fiber Arts Meme Round-Up

Everyone loves a good meme. Memes have become a universal language on the internet and it's amazing how we all communicate through them. Memes can take on many different forms but they do help portray our thoughts, situations, and feelings. As crocheters and knitters, we have our own world we live in that many just wouldn't understand if they aren't in the fiber arts scene. There's always room ... Read More about Fiber Arts Meme Round-Up

Fiber Arts Tattoo Round-up (Pt. 2)

  (Find Pt.1 of this round-up HERE!)   When we create an art project through our fiber arts, it always feels eternal, even if it is no longer in your possession. We love our yarn and there are so many reasons to immortalize that love onto your body! And that's what so many in the community have decided to do. In this round-up, you'll find fun and inspirational tattoos that relate to ... Read More about Fiber Arts Tattoo Round-up (Pt. 2)

Where Your Big Box Craft Stores Stand!

In today's political sphere, its important to know where your dollar is going. Every brand makes decisions and you should be able to see what each company is up to! As crafters, many of us only have the budget for big box stores so sometimes, it doesn't feel like you have an option but to. However, we have a number of crafts stores that make donations and for many people, this is against their ... Read More about Where Your Big Box Craft Stores Stand!

Seascape Shawl by Sun Sand Stitch

  There a few kind of items that are just perfect for just about any time of the year and today, we have a yarn punk showing you how to make one of those types of pieces - the Seascape Shawl. Whether it be o keep your neck warm in the winter or to stay warm against a gentle breeze at the beach, this project is adaptable for any season! With a beautiful texture on top of all that, learn ... Read More about Seascape Shawl by Sun Sand Stitch